Requirements & Fees

PASA Through the Years . . .


Membership in the Pike-Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance is open to any person in good standing before the laws of the United States, who is qualified under those laws to possess firearms, and who pledges willingness to fulfill the obligations of safe firearms handling, good sportsmanship, and responsible citizenship while a member of the Alliance.

All applicants for PASA membership in all Categories must complete and sign a notarized Membership Agreement & Release form before being allowed to join the Alliance, or to participate in and/or observe at any of its activities, or to enter upon or to use any of its premises of facilities. The Membership Agreement & Release form may be filled out and printed via the link above, then signed/notarized and mailed to the PASA Park office at 32558  250th. St. Barry, IL 62312, along with appropriate dues payment. Membership is effective immediately upon receipt, and you will receive your membership card by return mail. Forms are also available at the PASA Membership & Information Station in the front entrance on the covered deck at S&W Hall at PASA Park.  Un-notarized forms CAN NOT be accepted.


PASA welcomes guests and visitors, but only PASA members may use firearms at PASA Park. This is a NO EXCEPTIONS policy required by PASA’s liability insurance, and applies to members’ family and friends as well as the general public. We also ask members to have their non-shooting guests complete the same PASA Agreement & Release. These forms need not be notarized, but should be witnessed by the signature and member number of the PASA member who is accompanying them.  See the Visitors & Guests page on this website for complete information.


Just click the Download Membership Form link above, open the PDF, and Type all your information in the appropriate blanks and check the type of membership box. Make sure it’s all correct. Then save it as a file on your own computer. You don’t need to “download” it, you merely save it. At that point you can print it (please print as a full-size page), have your signature Notarized, and mail it along with your membership fee.

The benefit of this system is you will have the completed file in your computer as a verification of the information you actually submitted, and your entry will be perfectly clear and legible. A win-win for everybody.

If you wish, you can print a blank form and fill it in by hand. Or, you can pick up a copy of the form at the S&W Hall Membership & Information Station and complete it on-site. But if you do, you won’t have a verification copy automatically saved in your computer, and you’ll need to make absolutely sure your printing is perfectly legible. Causes all sorts of problems when it isn’t.


Annual Adult Membership:  $75.00
(Adult 18 years of age or older.)

Annual Husband & Wife Membership:    $125.00

Annual Family Membership:  $150.00
(Includes primary member, spouse, & all children under 18.)
A separate notarized Membership Form is required for each family member!
A Parent or Guardian must co-sign each child’s form!

Annual Junior Membership:  $40.00
(Youth under 18. Parental permission and co-signature required.)

Life Membership:  $450.00
(Includes Junior Membership for all children under 18.)

(May be paid in three annual $150.00 “Conditional Life” installments.)

A separate notarized Membership Form is required for each individual member!
A Parent or Guardian must co-sign each child’s form!

PASA club members pay no additional range-use fees once their membership dues are received. However, PASA club Divisions sponsoring competition shooting events do charge match entry fees appropriate to their particular activities.