Full-Auto Policy

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Full-Auto Firearms Use

PASA Park does not discriminate against legally owned and used full-auto (Class III) firearms, or against any legal firearms of any type. PASA welcomes all shooters, whatever their interests.

However, because of the inherent characteristics of full-auto firearms, their use at PASA Park is restricted to designated ranges with special scheduling requirements; both in the interests of safety and from the need not to cause unnecessary concern or distress to neighboring landowners.

Inquiries about full-auto firearms use or scheduling should be directed to PASA Range Manager at (217)-592-2068. Please text for return call.


  1. Only PASA Members with appropriate Class III federal firearms licenses, or contracted law-enforcement/military organizations, may use full-auto firearms at PASA Park, or allow non-Class III PASA members to use full-auto firearms under their direct supervision. While using full-auto firearms at PASA Park, all civilians including dealers must have all necessary documentation to demonstrate legal possession.
  2. Any qualified persons or agencies wishing to use full-auto firearms at PASA Park must arrange a specific range use schedule in advance by contacting PASA Range Manager at (217)-592-2068. Please text for a return call.
  3. Extreme care must be taken at all times by persons using full-auto firearms at PASA Park to insure that bullet trajectory does not “climb” beyond the confines of range safety berms. Any observed infraction of this rule will result in immediate expulsion.
  4. Full-auto firearms, including simulated full-auto firearms (“bump fire” devices such as Slide Fire Stocks), may NOT be used at PASA Park.
  5. Close-range full-auto sub-guns firing conventional handgun ammunition such as 9mm or .45 ACP at distances 25 yards or less may be used on the lower Practical Valley ranges, by prior schedule (Ranges A1 thru A4 on the PASA Park Map). NO full-auto firing is allowed on the upper Practical Valley ranges, by anybody, ever (Ranges A5 thru B5 on the PASA Park Map).
  6. Other full-auto firearms may be used on the PASA Park 200-Meter Range, by prior schedule (Range #8 on the PASA Park Map).
  7. Full-auto firearms loaded only with frangible ammo may be used for contracted Law-Enforcement and Military training inside the Dark House (Range 10 on the PASA Park Map). No civilian full-auto use is allowed in the Dark House at all.
  8. Absolutely no full-auto firearms may ever be used by anybody on the PASA Park Training Range (Range 14 on the PASA Park Map). By anybody. This includes Law-Enforcement, Military, and civilians.