S&W Hall Guidelines

PASA Through the Years . . .

Please follow these simple guidelines for setup, use, and cleanup of S&W Hall. You’ll have a great time, we’ll get along wonderfully, you’ll want to come back, and we’ll want to have you!


  1. DECORATIONS. Decorate all you want, but please don’t do any damage to our rooms. In particular, Do Not drive nails or tacks or staples or push-pins into the walls, woodwork, or tables. Do Not use tape to attach things to the painted walls. There are abundant decorator hooks distributed around the top wall moldboard, in the ceiling battens, and the window frames. Use these hooks to hang crepe paper, balloons, signs, posters, pictures, banners–whatever you want. If you leave holes in the woodwork, or tape scars or holes in the walls or ceiling, or tape (or chewing gum) stuck under our tables, we’ll have no choice but to charge you for removal and repairs.
  2. FURNISHINGS. The S&W Hall furniture in the rooms you rent is yours to use and rearrange. But you must return all room furnishings to their original locations when you leave. DO NOT let people sit on tables; you will have to buy us new ones when they break. Simple rule: just put everything you use back where you found it. If we have to do it later, you’ll have to pay a cleanup fee. S&W HALL INDOOR FURNITURE MAY NOT BE USED OUTDOORS!!
  3. KITCHEN: If you use S&W Hall kitchen stoves and/or ovens for cooking, you MUST insure they are cleaned afterward, INCLUDING any spilled/baked-on residue in the ovens. Make sure stoves & ovens are turned off! Make sure ovens are empty of any leftover food (it will spoil & stink and you’ll have to come back and clean it up). Please make sure anyone using the kitchen facilities (including your caterers) do not “accidentally” take any of PASA Park’s kitchen utensils or appliances with them when they leave.
  4. WATER & TOILETS. The water supply is a closed system.  1,500 gallons is part of your rental.  When it’s gone, you’re dry, unless you’ve made special advance arrangements for additional fill-up during your rental.  (Experience has shown that amount is generally more than enough to handle an all-night dinner/dancing party for 200 on a hot Summer evening).  But you will need to monitor the restrooms.  If a faucet is left running, or a toilet flush handle sticks, the water system can run completely dry very quickly.  If that happens after business hours, you’re out of luck.  You are responsible for having enough TP and paper towels for your event; only one roll of each will be in each restroom when you arrive.
  5. ELECTRICITY. S&W Hall has multiple-circuit standard 110-volt/20-amp electrical power with three-prong grounded plug outlets, indoors and outdoors. ANY electrical hookups which require heavier-than-standard electrical service (such as amplifiers or large speakers for a band, music machines, refrigerated beer wagons, or any 220-volt equipment) MUST be authorized/arranged in advance, to prevent system overload and insure safety. Non-standard electrical hookup service may incur an additional electrical service charge, to be determined by particular service needs.
  6. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED! Children must be restricted to the immediate S&W Hall area, and not allowed to wander. Pets must be leashed. Remember: PASA Park is a shooting range! PASA members may be using firearms on the ranges at any time. There are also several lakes and ponds. If children wander away from S&W Hall without supervision, they could accidentally get into the back side of a shooting range by mistake, or fall in a lake in the dark. Not good. You are responsible for making sure all parents with children under 18 who attend your activity control their youngsters at all times. We recommend you to include a copy of this rule with all invitations. You will have to pay for any damage or vandalism by unsupervised children. DO NOT let children cross the road to the firing lines or target areas!
  7. CLEANUP. All cleanup must be completed by the end of your rental period to insure S&W Hall and PASA Park grounds are available for any other immediately subsequent scheduled PASA Park events. Waiting until the following day is unacceptable unless pre-arranged with PASA Park managment.
    • Sweep and mop the tile floors, vacuum all carpeted areas, take down all your decorations, pick up and dispose of your litter.
    • All garbage cans, indoor and outdoor, must be emptied, and garbage bagged, tied, and left inside the Hall in non-leaking bags. If you put garbage bags outdoors, little furry animals with sharp claws will come along at night and rip and scatter, and you will have to pay for cleanup. If you do your own cleanup, you must leave fresh garbage bags in the empty indoor garbage cans.
    • You are responsible for removing any litter your guests or attendees leave on the S&W Hall veranda, on the adjacent lawn areas, in the parking lots, and along the PASA Park roadways, the same as inside the Hall itself.
    • Outdoor smokers MUST use ashtrays or special receptacles, and not drop butts on veranda floor or throw into yard.
    • Anything you rent from a third party (soda service, beer wagon, keg-beer/tappers, caterer’s equipment, music machine/band, extra tables and chairs, etc.) MUST be removed from PASA premises at the end of your rental period, and NOT left behind for later pickup! If such items are damaged/stolen after you leave; YOU are responsible.
  8. SHUTDOWN. The doors from the outside into the main Dining Hall and into the main entrance hallway bathrooms should be left unlocked when you leave. These are PASA member-access rooms. All other rooms and doors in S&W Hall must be locked when you depart. All lights, indoors and out, must be turned OFF! Air conditioning systems must be turned OFF!