PASA Do’s & Don’ts

PASA Through the Years . . .


Rule #1:  BE SAFE!!  BE SAFE!!  BE SAFE!!  BE SAFE!!

Rule #2:  Sign-In at Any Entrance Station Upon Arrival.

Rule #3:  Be Cooperative and Courteous to Your Fellow Members.

Rule #4:  Leave It Looking Better Than You Found It!


There are 22 separate shooting venues at PASA Park.  All of them, except for the Training Range and the Dark House (locations #10 and #14 on the PASA Park map), are open to PASA members during normal range hours, unless another event or maintenance is underway.

Normal PASA Park operating hours are between sunup and sunset year-round.  During those hours, if a range venue is not otherwise being used, members can shoot.  Night shooting with night-vision/infrared/thermal devices may only be done by advance scheduling.

NOTE: During the duration of the prime Illinois whitetail deer hunting season (approximately mid-October thru mid-December), PASA Park morning and afternoon hours are limited as a courtesy and safety measure in view of a large number of hunters afield on neighboring and adjacent properties.  These hours are posted at all PASA Park entrances each year in early of October and are displayed year-round on the PASA website calendar.

To make sure a particular range venue will not be closed on any particular day for maintenance or other events, check the PASA website calendar.   The Calendar is updated daily as changes occur.  You can  TEXT the PASA Range Manager at (217) 592-2068 to confirm range availability.


HOWEVER:  You may NOT use centerfire rifles or shotgun slugs on any of PASA’s steel targets on any range.  You may NOT use magnum-power handgun loads on any of PASA’s steel handgun targets on any range.  You may NOT use anything except .22 Long Rifle rimfire loads or airguns on the designated PASA steel rimfire targets (locations #5 and #13 on the PASA Park map).

You should bring and use your own paper/cardboard/stick-on targets (PASA does not provide targets).  You must clean up after yourself. It rains and abandoned paper targets  get wet and then the wind blows them every where.  REMOVE ALL YOUR USED TARGETS from the PASA Park target boards.  You may also bring and use your own steel targets.  But make sure you take them with you when you leave.

NOTE: There are special target restrictions for the 600-Yard Range (details below).

There are also specific legal requirements and range restrictions for use of Class III (full-auto) firearms at PASA Park.  Prior arrangement and scheduling notification is required for Class III shooters.  (See Full-Auto Policy page under the Rules & Policies Menu for details.)

PASA PARK IS NOT A PUBLIC SHOOTING RANGE!!  But if you are a PASA member, PASA Park is your back yard.  Within common-sense limits, outlined in the following information, it is yours to use just as freely.  Of course, we do have a PASA “Neighborhood Watch” program—and you are a member of the Watch Team!



You may shoot only from positions 1-4 on the 600-yard firing line.  Shoot only into the Target Bunkers.  Do not shoot at any personal targets of any kind (bottles of water, spoiled fruit, whatever) unless they are backed by a Target Bunker.  Do not shoot the concrete blocks.  Do not shoot rocks.  Do not shoot at the flagpoles.  (Think I’m kidding? Look at the final image in the Photo Album.)  Do not shoot at any targets closer than the 100-yard Target Bunker.  For targets closer than 100 yards you may use any other PASA Park range, but NOT the 600-yard Range.  Firearms with Slide-Fire (“bump-fire”) stocks may not be used on the 600-yard range.




DO NOT MOVE STEEL-FRAME TARGET BOARDS.  There are steel-framed target boards are set at measured distances on several ranges.  DO NOT MOVE THEM.  On ranges other than the 600-yard range, you may also set up your own targets at different distances.  If you do, you must remove them and clean up all target residue when you are done.


REMOVE YOUR PAPER TARGETS & CLEAN UP TARGET TRASH WHEN YOU LEAVE.  Everybody hates to clean up after themselves:  DO IT ANYWAY!  Take your used paper targets with you, or put them in a trash barrel unless the barrel is already full to overflowing.  If you leave targets on the boards, wind, dew, and rain will scatter them across the Park and generally make PASA Park look like a city dump.  There are garbage barrels on all ranges.  (Shot-to-pieces plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cantaloupes & watermelons, and cigarette butts are garbage, too.)


PUT YOUR PAPER TARGETS IN THE CENTER OF THE BOARD.  Shooters like to put several paper targets on a target board.  But a miss close to the edge of the board (not by you, of course) will butcher the steel frames (which costs about $500 apiece to custom-make).  Don’t believe me? Just look at them.  If the center of a target board gets shot to pieces, LET US KNOW!  We have replacement boards on hand.


DO NOT USE EQUIPMENT THAT IS NOT ALREADY DOWNRANGE.  Various targets, frames, props, and other materials are stockpiled on different firing lines and at other locations around the Park.  These belong to PASA Divisions, or to other organizations that use PASA Park.  Do not use or move to different locations under any circumstances without specific permission.


DO NOT SHOOT RIMFIRE TARGET FLAGS!! .22-rimfire steel targets have thin metal hit-indicator target flags which cover the target aperture when the target is hit!  The hit-indicator flags are NOT targets!  DO NOT shoot at the flags!!


THE BOTTOM LINE.  If you move or re-arrange ANYthing—put it back where you found it!  If it’s out of place when you get here—put it where it belongs!  If the people before you left a mess, CLEAN IT UP!  PASA Park belongs to you!


RULES ENFORCEMENT: Any PASA member who is found to be violating these rules, or causing damage to the ranges and their facilities, will have his membership privileges suspended for 30 days, and will be billed for repair or replacement of damaged equipment.  A second violation will result in revocation of membership.


COLD RANGE RULES APPLY EVERYWHERE ON PASA PARK PROPERTY AT ALL TIMES.  All firearms must be unloaded and cased or holstered unless in a firing area, or designated dry-fire/safety area.  EXCEPTION:  PASA Park recognizes Illinois concealed-carry licenses.  However, all legally concealed and loaded firearms must remain holstered unless deployed in defense of life, and all the following rules apply.

  1. Firearms may not be handled, examined, or shown to other shooters anywhere on PASA Park property except while on a firing line or in a designated dry-fire/safety area.
  2. The parking lots are NOT safe handling areas.
  3. Violation of Cold Range Safety Rules will result in immediate disqualification from any event, expulsion from PASA property, and suspension of all PASA membership privileges for 30 days.  No exceptions.  Two strikes, and you’re out for good.

On the Firing Line—

  1. Check that all other shooters and spectators are safely behind the firing line.
  2. Keep your muzzle always pointing downrange.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and beyond.
  5. Eye and ear protection is mandatory on ALL firing ranges, at ALL times.
  6. No “Horseplay” at any firing area.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.

If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, politely remind that person of the proper procedure.  Anyone who witnesses any unsafe act anywhere on PASA Park property is requested to inform PASA officials.


Only PASA members may use firearms!  PASA Park is NOT a public shooting facility.  Non-shooting visitors and guests are welcome, but only PASA Members may use firearms.  When you see someone whom you do not know using a firing range, be friendly and welcoming, introduce yourself, ask if he or she is a member.  If not, explain the members-only rule and direct them to the membership information station on the porch of the clubhouse.  DO NOT let non-members shoot, even your family or friends.  This is a basic safety/liability/insurance issue.

Guests & Visitors:  Guests & Visitors are welcome at all times, but non-members may NOT use firearms at PASA Park.  This is a NO EXCEPTIONS policy required by the terms of PASA’s liability insurance, and applies to PASA members’ family and friends as well as to the general public.  PASA members bringing Guests to the Park should have them complete a PASA Agreement & Release formMembers’ guests should be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times, and the sponsoring member should countersign and date their guest(s) form(s).  Notarization is not required.  Forms are available on this website, or at the PASA Membership & Info Station inside the front entrance S&W Hall.  Leave the form in the adjacent drop box when at the Park.  See the PASA website Guests & Visitors page under “Membership” for full details.

The PASA Guest Policy is RIGOROUSLY Enforced!

Junior Shooters: PASA has no age restrictions for club membership.  However, PASA does abide by Illinois state law which requires minors using firearms to be under the direct and immediate supervision of a legally responsible resident adult with a valid Illinois FOID card, or a legally responsible nonresident adult qualified to possess firearms in this state.  Junior shooters MUST be PASA Members (either as a Junior Member or as part of a Family Membership).

Range Courtesy:

  1. Please cooperate and share the facilities when other members wish to use a specific range or firing point.
  2. Get to know your fellow members.  Introduce yourself.  Offer to help.
  3. Warn nearby members and spectators when you are ready to shoot, and remind them of the mandatory eye & ear protection rule.  Eye and ear protection is highly recommended even when away from the firing line, when shooting is in progress.

Parking:  Parking is allowed only in designated parking areas.  DO NOT park on the grass lawns.  DO NOT park along the main township roadway. It is a public right-of-way.  (Wide farm machinery is common along this road; which can make for interesting marks on the side of your vehicle.)

Alcohol:  Alcohol is permitted on PASA property but your firearms must be put away for the day before you do any drinking.  Once you have consumed any alcohol, you do not even touch a gun again at PASA Park for 12 hours. Period!

Children: Children under the age of 16 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. If they’re not in your sight, they ain’t being supervised. The parent or guardian is legally responsible for the child’s safety and conduct.

Pets:  Pets are not recommended.  If brought, all pets must be leashed at all times.  Leashes are recommended for some children, as well.

Picnic Facilities:  Picnic facilities are open for use of all members, guests, and visitors, at all times, except when scheduled events may be occupying the area.

Camping:  PASA has no specific campground areas or designated water/sewage/electrical hookups for campers.  Competitors and attendees at scheduled PASA events may use range parking areas for overnight stay in self-contained campers or RVs with prior notification.

S&W Hall:  The restrooms inside the entrance hallway of Smith & Wesson Hall are open for members, guests, and visitors at all times.

Information materials, magazines, catalogs, and other items on the membership station table inside the entrance hallway are free for the taking.

Safety, Courtesy, and Consideration are the Essence of Shooting Etiquette. An Armed Society is a Polite Society. Treat Others as You Wish to Be Treated.