PASA Division

PASA Through the Years . . .


PASA is organized into administrative Divisions that operate semi-independently, as “clubs within a club”. Each division governs itself, and has rules and regulations specific to its particular activity. Each Division maintains its own mailing list, and is responsible for its own member communications. Following are brief descriptions of current PASA Divisions, with names and phone numbers of persons to contact for further information about specific Division schedules, rules, and activities.

For currently scheduled Division events at PASA Park, visit the Calendar page. For more information go to the Club Divisions Menu or contact any Division Director.

Defensive Shooting DIVISION (PASA / DSD)

Division Director / Program Coordinator: Henry Harris

Phone: 217-430-5426(cell)


PASA/DSD sponsors monthly defense-oriented matches as well as IDPA style competitions along with other speed-oriented handgun, rifle, shotgun, and 22 rimfire rifle competitions, March through October.

Action Shooting Division (PASA / ASD )

Division Director / Program Coordinator: Brian Royalty

Phone: 217-430-7112(cell)


PASA/ASD sponsors monthly USPSA/IPSC sanctioned events March thru October, as well as other speed-oriented handgun competitions.


Rifle Division (PASA / RD)

Director: Joe Bruch
Phone: 573-721-5286 (cell)

Range Master: SGM Richard Stickman (ret).
Phone: 217-248-1856 (cell)

PASA/RD sponsors NRA National Match high-power rifle competitions from March thru November. Other events include NRA smallbore .22 rifle matches, metallic silhouette competitions, training programs for young shooters, and a variety of other rifle events.

From May thru September a Thursday evening Rifle League is open to interested members.